Getting enough fiber
on the Paleo diet

Going on the Paleo diet and eliminating grains
 don't mean that your diet will lack fiber.

Taking grains out of your diet doesn’t mean that you will have to suffer from constipation. Grains are actually not the only source of fiber and you can get plenty by including non-grain plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits and tubers, at most of your meals. A typical day of eating real foods by following the Paleo diet principles can easily add to up to 42 g of fiber (based on a 2,200-calorie diet), as shown by Cordain. (23) You can find good sources of grain-free fiber in the table below.

In any case, fiber is probably not essential to health. Many past and present hunter-gatherer tribes, such as the Inuits as well as the Alaska and Greenland Natives, have lived healthily with virtually no fiber without suffering from constipation!

Most people wrongly believe that fiber is necessary to give stools bulk, but about 75% of your stools (dry weight)
is dead bacteria, not fiber
. (24) Having a healthy gut flora by choosing real food and incorporating probiotics or fermented foods like raw sauerkraut will help you stay regular without grains. Moreover, the higher fat content of the Paleo diet promotes regular bowel movements. (25)

Paleo Sources of Fiber

Food Group


Serving Size

Fiber (g)*


Broccoli, cooked

1 cup


Leafy greens, cooked

1 cup


Brussel sprouts, cooked

1 cup


Squash (spaghetti, butternut)

1 cup


Onions, cooked

1 cup


Cauliflower, cooked

1 cup


Eggplant, cooked

1 cup


Carrots, raw or cooked

1 cup


Cabbage, raw or cooked

1 cup


Leafy greens, raw

2 cups


Sauerkraut, raw

¼ cup



Sweet potatoes, cooked (without skin)

1 cup


Plantain, cooked

1 cup


Potatoes, cooked (without skin)

1 cup




1 cup



1 medium



1 medium



1 medium


Dried figs




1 medium



1 medium




1 medium


Coconut (unsweetened, dried)

2 tbsp



1 oz


Nut butter

2 tbsp


*Reference: USDA National Nutrient Database (26)

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of the "Paleo sources of fiber" table

If you are constipated after starting on the Paleo diet, give yourself a little time. Make sure you drink enough water, eat your veggies, don’t skimp on fat, get probiotics from good-quality supplements or fermented vegetables and move a little bit more every day.

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